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Need a remote starter for your car this winter?

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A Professional Detailing Company. Serving Hanover, MA and Surrounding Communities.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professionalism and Knowledge

    The typical car detailing shop will ask to have your vehicle dropped-off at their shop, and then you will pick-up your car later, only to be puzzled on what services were actually performed to your vehicle. Holmes Auto Detailing works with the car detailing client to ensure that they know exactly what car detailing services are being performed, how they will be performed, the effects of such services, and the costs associated with the services being performed. Costs are never hidden for the comfort of the business-client relationship for the long-term. Finally, every client is given key tips and tricks to maintain the incredible finished achieved by the services offered by Holmes Auto Detailing.
  • Car Detailing Product Selection

    Every vehicle that Holmes Auto Detailing performs their art on will be treated with the absolute finest products in the world, period. Every single cleaner, conditioner, compound, polish, sealant, wax, dressing, degreaser, etc… are handpicked from boutique automotive detailing suppliers to ensure maximum shine, protection, durability, and depth of gloss. Due to our discriminating product selection and processes, your car should never diminish in appearance if you maintain the vehicle properly. The average car detailing shop will use products that last a few weeks.
  • Advanced Techniques

    Our car detailing packages are specifically designed to maximize results. Any modification to our processes will sacrifice long-term appearance and durability. On the other hand, the typical car detailing shop, due to their desire to minimize time on your vehicle, will cut corners to reduce labor hours. For example, many car detailing shops will simply use a heavy compound on your vehicle, without following up with a finishing polish, which can significantly reduce results as the surface will remain uneven. Or, they will use a glaze to cover-up the scratches and swirls in the paint, only to be revealed after the glaze washes away after a few days. To further scratch and harm your finish, the average detail shop will use dirty, used beach towels on your finish, instead of the softest, highest quality selections of micro fiber towels on the market. We strive in using proper cleaning, paint polishing, and waxing technique to ensure your finish will look its best.

We also install remote starters

We have a great selection of remote car starters and we also provide installation services.

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