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I recently bought a LivingSocial deal for a Interior and Exterior Auto-Detailing Package at Holmes. Honestly, it is like I have a whole new car! It’s a little hard to find, but in only three hours, Anthony took my disaster of a car and completely transformed it. Highly recommended.

Ashley S.

I also purchased an interior and exterior detail package from Living Social.  Anthony was very accomodating and was able to squeeze my car in on Saturday afternoon.  I dropped my car off around 2 pm and he called me about 30 minutes before it was finished so that I could get there by the time it was complete.  He did an excellent job and even found a pair of earrings I had lost in between the drivers seat and center console!  The inside looks like a brand new car, carpets are cleaned, dashboard is shiny, and leather seats were cleaned and conditioned.  All in all I was very pleased with the job done and would recommend giving Holmes Auto Detailing a try.

Alison C.

My family has been using Holmes Auto Detailing for 10+ years.  The result is always consistently the same – a brand new crispy clean buggy after every trip to HAD!  They are extremely accomodating with the pickup & dropoff to our now South Boston address which makes for an easy clean when on work trips without the headache of a (likely traffic-ridden) drive in/out of the city.  We wouldn’t trust our cars to anyone else but HAD.

Carylyn L.

The owner, Anthony, was so genuinely interested in helping me clean up my car!  He was friendly and accomodating with regard to my schedule. And my car looks beautiful!

Susan L.

I had a Ford Freestyle done with a Living Social voucher. While my car was there the battery went dead. I can’t say enough about the service I received. Great work, good guys. You can TRUST them to do a great job!!

Thomas D.

I drove in with a 9 year old car that had seen the effects of 3 boys, the beach and skiing!  Wow!  Anthony is a miracle worker!  Not only does my car look a million times better it smell fresh and new!  Thank you!

Natasha C.

I brought my car to H.A.D. after the paint was scratched on the first very day I had it. Anthony fit me in the following day, charged me a very fair price, and returned the car to me in better condition than it was when the dealer delivered it!  I plan on bringing my husband’s car down to Anthony next, as well as telling everyone I can about his incredible business!

Heather Z.

I just got my car detailed today. Got the living social deal but would definitely go back without a groupon. Anthony did a fabulous job detailing my car it looks fantastic inside and out.

I was blown away by how extremely friendly and personable Anthony (and another team member were when I dropped my car off.) . Can’t say that about many places in the automotive business.

I would recomend this place to everyone! Worth every penny. My car looks great!

Caitlin K.

My brother and I wanted to get a remote starter for my Mom for Christmas but had no luck at any of the “chains”. Holmes Auto Detailing was recommended to me by a friend and Anthony was terrific. I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service and attention to detail at H.A.D. My mother was thrilled with the gift and the process couldn’t have been any easier on my brother and I. I would highly recommend H.A.D.

Michael M.

Came with an Eversave coupon in hand and it was about a good a job as one could do within a little over an hour.  Well worth the cost and would def recommend Holmes Auto Detailing to anyone without the supplies and/or time to detail his or her car.

Eric F.

I purchases a Living Social voucher for a car detailing at Holmes.

What a great buy.  Anthony did a great job on my car.  It looked and smelled fantastic!

When calling to make an appointment, you do get the voicemail often.  But Anthony always calls back in a timely manner.  Plus, he has a great ring back tone to listen to.

I would highly recommend getting your car detailed here if you live in the area.

Just a note: when I was getting here, you may miss the street it on but its right before the Industrial Park.  There are tons of businesses in the area and the street is easy to miss.

Julie C.

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